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Membership Table of Contents

(List is FAR from complete and who is here and who isn't at this point is arbitrary, along with their contributions, is mostly a function of scattered memories.)

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Wallace Wade ‘63

John Waite, Jr. ‘64

Jack graduated and stayed on the area, becoming a world-renown architect. He also took a bunch of color photos of Troy c. 1960, which we have relied on very heavily for our construction of Troy.

William Walker ‘47

Alex Wall '93

Christopher Wallace '04

John Wallace '14

Student member who scratchbuilt a number of structures in Port Henry.

Mark Wallace

John Wallace's father who is active in the modeling community in the Maryland area.

E. Walle

Student member c. 1950.

Tianji Wang '14

George Warnken

Larry Wartur '55

Tom Washbon '76


Jay Webster '58

Fred Weganwright

Probably misspelled his name. He was a student c. 1970's whose fondest wish in life was to be a Pullman porter. He referred to the New York Central's two-tone gray paint scheme as classic because it was understated.

Dr. Theodore Weidner '77

Ed Welle, '53

Paul Werschler (JP's Trains & Hobbies)

Community member.

William Weschler '59

Scott Wertans '79

Student member in the mid 1970's.

Carl Westerdahl

Dean of Students for many years in the '70's and on. Strong supporter of the club.

Joseph Wetzel


Charles Wheeler

Nicholas Whitelaw '88

John Whiton '85

Greg Whittle '72

Greg became a member in 1966 and continued as a member after graduating.

  • Greg co-authored two articles published in Railroad Model Craftsman, one on the NEB&W and one on Tony Steele's D&H home layout.

  • Over the last few years Greg has been responsible for rewiring a large portion of the layout.

  • Greg regularly attends our operating sessions, where typically he is the Chateaugay yardmaster.


Keith Wiggand

Kyle Williams

Kyle became a community member as a student at nearby Union College and has remained in the Ballston Spa area ever since.

  • Kyle scratchbuilt the Bartonsville covered bridge.

  • Kyle worked on a whole slew of rolling stock. He was a major reason we were able to run the first steam-era operating session.

Russ Williams

Russ is a community member. He often worked as Chateaugay Yardmaster during club operating sessions.
  • Russ worked with Will Gill and they rewired the North Creek Branch.

Matt Wilson

Mark Winkler '83

Stephan Wintner '97

Jacek Witkowski '99


Chris Wlodychak


Gregory Wong

Lance Wong '92

Tong Kam Wong '68

Al Wood

Community member from Grafton.

  • Scratchbuilt the steamship Ticonderoga for Lake George.

  • Built the yardmaster's office in Green Island.

  • Scratchbuilt the entire Gassetts talc plant.

  • Scratchbuilt the sand loading facility in Saratoga.

  • Built a Kibri oil loading building for Tahawus. (I'm not sure what changes, if any, he made.)

D. Scott Woods '72

Craig Woodworth

Student member c. 1950.

Evan Workstus '08

William Wright '60


Winslow Wu